Infants and children

We at Punti e Fantasia conceived and created a line specifically for infants and children, paying particular attention to materials and details.



Try to imagine wonderful high-quality textile perfectly matching the style of your home and surprisingly functional at the same time. This is exactly what Punti e Fantasia offers.



Feeling at home when you’re on travel is very important, especially when travelling is a crucial part of your daily routine.


Garden, Terrace and Swimming Pool

We at Punti e Fantasia design our products to make them functional for every place and situation, including your garden, terrace and swimming pool.



Our Yacht line is designed by Punti e Fantasia by developing the costumer’s own logo, in order to make every product exclusive and refined, perfectly suitable for your environment.


Gift ideas

Every product by Punti e Fantasia can be sold as gift, since our custom embroidery work makes it unique for anyone who receives it.